General Applicants

Scope/Key Responsibilities

  • Create quarterly & weekly “Big 3” Goals
  • Build relationships with vendors, carrier, and the community
  • Grow in your ability to be a leader by consistently engaging in various resources like podcasts, blogs, books, online courses, events, and more.

Job Requirements

  • Desire and willingness to serve others
  • Desire and willingness to see other people win
  • Ability to connect and build relationships with others
  • Semi-advanced knowledge and understanding for telecommunication
  • Basic computer and keyboard skills
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and other Microsoft programs including Microsoft Office/Google Workspace
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems
  • Ability to articulate well and write with proper grammar
  • Take an Emotional Intelligence test
  • Take a Working Genius test
  • Maintain Insurance License
  • Provide negative drug test if management requests
  • Provide ability to inquire with most recent employer


  • Maintain the mission of Fox Financial on all tasks
  • Maintain attitude of professionalism in all business activities
  • Comply with “The Workday” as defined in this document
  • Maintain a working and growing knowledge for programs used when executing job responsibilities
  • Perform all tasks with “full send” effort
  • Genuinely care about others before self
  • Be willing to serve
  • Be a good steward of one’s own time during the workday
  • Be flexible
  • Be creative
  • Be teachable
  • Be humble
  • Be honest
  • Have “thick skin”
  • Attempt to make the experience of customers a positive lasting experience
  • Take breaks to refresh and refocus (during the day, and throughout the year including a mandatory “week unplug”)
  • Keep family before Fox Financial


Every employee will be required to participate in quarterly evaluations. These evaluations will consist of a leader at Fox Financial taking the employee to lunch or coffee to engage in conversation regarding:

  • How does the employee feel about his/her job?
  • How does the employee feel about his/her supervisor and leadership?
  • How does the employee feel about his/her coworkers?
  • Does the employee have the proper tools and technology to thrive in his/her job?
  • Are additional resources or training needed to complete his/her job better?
  • What changes does the employee suggest?

The Workday

This position is a full-time position, however your work hours are flexible. Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm, but you get to pick when you work.

Bottom line, as long as you are getting the work done, you can choose what your workday looks like. Although the schedule is in the employee’s hands, Fox Financial will be monitoring each employee to maintain a level of accountability. Employees should be taking advantage of the workday and schedule, not abusing it.

In addition, employees will have mandatory in-office meetings throughout the year:

  • In-office team meetings on the last Monday of the month
  • Quarterly “Development Day” that focuses on personal development and education
  • Quarterly Evaluation Meetings
  • Other annual team meetings

Office Environment

The office environment is an essential part of Fox Financial. It is important for the environment to be stress free and laid back, all the while maintaining a level of professionalism. It should be comfortable for employees, business partners, and customers.

The desire is for all employees to feel like they can be themselves and genuinely engage socially with coworkers and customers. Profanity, negative speech, and unnecessary noise will not be tolerated.

Dress Code/Personal Appearance

A large part of the office environment is upheld by the personal appearance of each employee. All employees will maintain a professional appearance by remaining cleanly shaven, having hair styled appropriately, and clothes pressed correctly. It is common to have Fox Financial employees dress “business casual” or dress down with a Fox Financial T-shirt and Fox Financial hat.


You will be paid bi-weekly on the 15th and the last day of the month. If that day falls on a weekend or holiday, then checks will be given on the previous business day.

Apply Now!

To apply, please send your resume to and send a text to 405-796-0220 letting us know that you sent in your resume!