Insurance Advisor

Our Family is Growing!


We are looking for a mission focused & confident Insurance Advisor.

At Fox Financial, we guide people through financial wilderness. We have an amazing mission focused team that are driven by the relationships that we create with our community.

Recently we announced that we would begin offering insurance products to our community and we are excited about the growth and all the new ways our team will be able to serve others.

This is where you come in.

About the Opening

We are looking for full-time help with advisement & relationship based work. A small sampling of the type of work that needs to be done is as follows:

  • Providing home & auto insurance quotes
  • Analyzing client financial picture to determine correct coverages
  • Servicing policy changes
  • Build relationships with our community & industry vendors
  • Office Rocket League Tournaments

Yes, you read that right, we love taking breaks to play video games. We have an incredible team that truly enjoys being around each other which is a product of our mandatory hang out with your co-workers during office hours policy. We are like a family and we are excited to be able to add to it!

A Bit About Fox Financial

When it comes to finances, most people feel lost. At Fox Financial, we guide you through the process & get you a great deal.

We believe that homeownership builds wealth long term so we created Fox Financial to help advise Oklahoman’s on their mortgage & insurance needs, whether that is purchasing their next home or protecting it.

How You'll Work at Fox Financial

We work really hard to make working at Fox Financial an amazing experience. In addition, we have a team of truly exceptional people that have genuine care for one another. Relationships are a key to what we do – externally with our customers and internally with each team member. Below is how we operate.

The Most Flexible Schedule Ever

For this position the workday is standard “banking hours” of 9am to 5pm. This position is full time for 6 to 8 hours a day (40ish hours a week) Monday through Friday. However, the total number of hours worked are contingent upon how busy we are. Some days will require more office hours than others. There is no overtime available. Not at any time will the employee be asked to work more than 40 hours a week. In an ideal situation the workday would start around 9am and end around or after 5pm.. That said, if you have things going on at home that afternoon, and you want to work an earlier day – do it! Come on in at 6 am and leave at Noon. If you have something going on in the morning and you want to come in late – great! Come in at noon at leave at 6 pm. Bottom line, as long as you are getting the work done you can choose what your workday looks like.

Take Breaks, Watch TV, & Play Games

This job requires that you work in front of a computer. We do our best to provide for you an awesome setup. Each employee has dual monitors that allow multiple windows open at once. This is done to ensure you are able to complete your tasks quickly, but also to allow you to have fun while you work. It is very common to see Fox Financial team members binge watch Netflix shows, scroll through social media, play games, and more while working. You need to enjoy your job. Sometimes parts of your work may not be super enjoyable. So, we want you to have the liberty to entertain yourself while you work.

Up Your Game.

We are serious about helping you become a master of your craft. We want to give you any piece of equipment that might make you better at your job. It could be something small like a special pen you like to use, or something bigger like the latest and greatest software because you know it will make you better at your job. It doesn’t matter. We all work hard. Serving people and selflessly putting others needs above your own through an insurance transaction is not easy. That is why we will do whatever we can to provide you with the tools, equipment, and training so that you are good at your job. We want you coming to work feeling like you are awesome at what you do.

Put Family First

You must ALWAYS (in a friendly, ALL CAPS YELLING way) put your family before Fox Financial. We take this seriously. If you get a text or call from a family member in the middle of work, and you need to be with that family member – do it! If a child is sick at home, and you need to be home with them – stay home! Fox Financial will always support you in putting your family first. Will we miss you when you are gone? YES! You will be a VITAL member of our team. We need dependable people who we can count on to be a part of the team. However, everyone at Fox Financial chooses to love you and your family before loving the work you do.

Required Experience and Certifications

You do not need any industry experience, prior work history, or certifications. You will however need to obtain the Oklahoma property and casualty insurance license before you start since you can't do much without it for this position.

How To Apply

If you would like to apply for this position, simply email your resume to Once you have emailed the resume, send a text message to Thomas at 405 358 4916 and let me know that you sent it.

Below is a link that allows you to download a PDF of the full Job Description. Please read before sending your resume.